Lean, mean sewing machine….


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Let me introduce you to Beryl, my first ever sewing machine! My very generous Mama and Papa helped me get her, originally for Christmas, but in true lady style she was a little late. She arrived in Margate in mid … Continue reading

First foray into crochet…


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At Christmas, my lovely Ma taught me how to crochet. I’d remembered that she’d crocheted our Christening dresses… And some other of our baby clothes… Having learnt how to knit and with the imminent arrival of my very close friend … Continue reading

Let’s hear it for GEEK poetry


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It’s so easy to not go to stuff when it’s on your doorstep. So, so easy. So easy in fact that I’m pretty ace at not going to stuff, even though I want to and know as far as engaging … Continue reading

‘No coast, no calm’


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It’s been a busy time at TC Towers, with two new exhibitions starting imminently and the various marketing activities that entails, which has meant that the last few weeks have been extremely busy, if not a wee bit stressful. I … Continue reading