‘No coast, no calm’


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It’s been a busy time at TC Towers, with two new exhibitions starting imminently and the various marketing activities that entails, which has meant that the last few weeks have been extremely busy, if not a wee bit stressful. I … Continue reading

“I Wish I could see My Little Willy” – a saucy seaside Sunday afternoon


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After a good few weekends away and a trip to Glasgow (beautiful city) I’ve had a delightful weekend in (mostly) sunny Margit. Spent a delicious time making sandcastles on the beach with little seaside lovers, never have I seen such … Continue reading

What goes around comes back home


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An impromtu chat, I realised last Friday eve, has the power to stir thoughts and make connections that you never would have got to by yourself. That’s the beauty of random chitter natter. It’s also the beauty of lonely souls … Continue reading

A brief pause and r-e-wind… White Elephant or White Knight?


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Well hello, and let’s catch up. So it’s been a few months, what can I say, coastal gal gets a wee bit busy. But not just idling the days picking washed up ceramics out the sand. I’ve been watching Margate … Continue reading